«he love I have always born for my land, so blessed with environmental resources, suggested that I exploit a corner of this Ligurian territory with a touristic, sports and residential project that should ultimately create a pleasing environment in terms of space and landscape».

With these words Mario Valle loved to explain the main features of an initiative, the St. Anna Golf project, which includes a hundred or so hectares of green very close to the coast to the West of Genoa.
The Golf course takes its name from a small church dedicated to St. Anna, and covers an area of approximately 65 hectares of countryside which has consequently been salvaged from abandonment and improved from an environmental perspective.
Flowers, water, fruit trees and other valuable plants such as olives, oaks and ashes help to create an ideal playing environment.
Thanks to the presence of six lakes, created so as to fit in with the green areas of the course, the St. Anna Golf Course is now a balanced environment for many animal species.
The beauty of the landscape along the coast and inland, have resulted in this place becoming not just a sporting centre, but also an ideal spot for anyone wishing to combine sports and relaxation, nature and culture.
The peace of the countryside, the mild climate and the vicinity of the sea, make staying here heavenly during all the season, surrounded by the typical Ligurian landscape.